“Mr. Zeigler played the prayerful melody with unforced simplicity and beauty of tone”

- The New York Times 5/6/13

“After Kronos: next steps for Jeffrey Zeigler”

- New Music Box 3/15/12

“It’s a rare privilege to encounter performers musically skilled and culturally sympathetic enough to synthesize a global range of styles and periods before a live audience in real time”

- NY Times 3/15/12

Hare Krishna, KickStarter and Fundraising in the 21st Century

- cellobello.com 3/12/12

“A collective gasp was heard among audience members…as Jeffrey Zeigler played a haunting soliloquy.”

-NY Times 12/7/08

“Jeanrenaud and Zeigler played throughout as one rich, super-cello, coddling the quintet in the lap of sonic luxury.”

-LA Times 12/14/09

“Jeffrey Zeigler…played it all with theatrical verve and musical sensitivity.”

-SF Chronicle 9/13/06

“Kronos had promised something “big” for their Proms debut, and they delivered.”

-The Guardian 7/25/12


-NY Times

“Playing with Jeff has been a real privilege plus a real blast. He’s got colossal chops and plays grooves with the ultimate combination of amazing musicianship and swing – tough and gorgeous. I really trust his musical instincts and relied heavily on his opinions and contributions when we were making ‘Landfall’. “

- Laurie Anderson

“A talented gifted player with beautiful chops and tone”

- Lou Reed

“Jeffrey Zeigler is a fabulous ‘cellist. He has a total technique, and that, combined with his elevated musicianship results in performance of both depth and virtuosity. As a former ‘cellist in the Corigliano Quartet, he played my 35-minute string quartet as well as anyone alive could.”

-John Corigliano